About Us


Who is Stacy?

Stacy is a mother of four kids, who lives in West Virginia. From an early age, she has been creative. Filling notebooks with stick figures as early as five years old. She began selling her work when her first child Rian was born back in 2002. She saw it as a way she could raise her baby and still earn some money.  More babies came and the art continued. Stacy has mostly been self-taught, attending the Art Institute of Pittsburgh briefly working on both a Graphic design and Animation degree.  Stacy decided college was not the path she wished to take and continued selling her work online and at conventions.

Stacy mainly prefers to use her Microsoft surface and Corel Painter to digitally paint. However, she is getting back to using acrylic paints. She also has discovered she really enjoys Needlefelting and working with fuse beads. She has had to limit herself to these creative outlets as she already has far too much on her plate.

The helpers of Stacy

No one can do all this alone, so Stacy has some wonderful dedicated helpers who help her keep all this together.


Adam Wood

Roadie and Business Partner

Adam is Stacy's wonderful boyfriend who helps keep her motivated and carries the stuff for conventions.


Kevin Parker



Gets Stacy coffee and snacks